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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to return to the dealer for my 1st service?

A:  No you don't!  In fact the ONLY service you are required to return to your dealership for is a repair that your manufacturer pays 100% of the parts and labor for.  Cycle Stop USA can help you maintain your factory warranty and save you money while doing it.

Q: Can I put the same oil that I put in my engine, in my primary or transmission?

A:  You can, but we do not recommend it.  Your engine oil is usually 20W50 weight oil (20W60 in warmer climates).  Your transmission needs a much heavier oil as does your primary.  We recommend full synthetic oils from Red Line Oil with a specific intended use.

Q: Can Cycle Stop USA repair my bike under warranty

A:  Your motorcycle has a factory warranty for two years, unlimited miles.  Those repairs must be done at a factory dealership (see answer #1).  If you have an extended warranty sold by your dealer, Cycle Stop USA can process your warranty repair usually with a small co-pay usually $50 or $100.

Q: Why do you recommend Red Line Oils?

A: There are actually more than one type of Synthetic Oils available in the market place.  These oils fall into two categories called Category 4 & Category 5.  These categories are related to an oils Base Stock.  We recommend Red Line Oils because of our extensive experience and success with the Red Line brand.  Red Line Oils are a Category 5 oil and we have several customers with over 100,000 miles with no significant engine rebuild.

Q: I ride a Twin Cam Harley that is has stock cam chain tensioners. When should those be serviced?

A: Harley Davidson motorcycles built between the years 1999-2006 with Big Twin / Twin Cam engines have stock spring loaded cam chain tensioners that can wear out with little or no warning.  Twin Cam engines built after 2007 (2006 if Dyna) feature oil pressure fed tensioners that typically do not wear out the same as the earlier ones did.  In the past some tried to replace the chains with gears but this requires you to check crankshaft run out.  Some say that less than 2% of factory crankshafts have proper run out to accommodate gear to gear lash. For this reason we recommend either an upgrade to the late model hydraulic tensioners or replacing your stock type tensioners after 35,000 miles

Q: I have a tech question. How can I contact you?

A: We can be reached by phone at 813-754-2959 or via email: tech@cyclestopusa.com